Youth Club of Akrounta

In 2022, the Youth Club of Akrounta has completed 40 years since its establishment, marking these as years of continuous action and contribution toward the youth and the community.

On the 17th of July 1982, a group of young people from our village established the Youth Club of Akrounta. With the creation of the Youth Club, our community has entered a new era, as, alongside the Football Team (which constitutes a continuation of AFA – Akrounta Football Association), the Dance and Theater Teams have flourished, which enriched the events of the village and beyond.

The Youth Club of Akrounta has perennially supported and encouraged the sporting activities of the youth. The Youth Club of Akrounta football team has participated in the Championship of the Athletic Federation of Limassol’s Youth Centers up until the sports season of 2020 – 2021, showcasing a substantial presence. What is more, in September 2014, the Youth Club promoted the creation of an archery team, which is active in our village. Presently, it consists of more than 30 athletes who participate in the Pancyprian Championship.

In the last 20 years, the Youth Club has adapted its actions with the predominant purpose being the meeting and interaction of our community’s children and youth in various ways, such as educational programs which take place weekly, directed towards children and youth. From time to time, we have hosted dancing and drama, karate, gymnastics, and kickboxing lessons, while we have recently commenced art classes, currently held every Saturday. One crucial and timeless aim of ours is the education and empowerment of our community’s youth in various aspects that concern young people in modern times. For this purpose, we occasionally organize one-day seminars while participating in various European programs in Cyprus and abroad. The Youth Club of Akrounta is an active member of the Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (Greek acronym: KOKEN), which supports and enhances the action of the youth throughout Cyprus while encouraging the taking of initiatives by young volunteers who are mainly active in the countryside, through the more than 50 youth centers that exist across Cyprus.

The Youth Club of Akrounta, in collaboration with the community council, has established the annual organization of our community’s Easter events which take place on Easter Monday, as well as cleaning campaigns, tree planting, blood donation, food and clothing collection for impoverished families, while constantly remaining open to new proposals for actions and collaborations. A milestone in our activities was the establishment of the May Fair in 2017, which takes place annually on the 1st of May at the community park. During the May Fair, visitors may get entertained by watching music and dance performances from guest schools and groups, while children having fun with various educational activities hold a significant place.

In 2022, with the occasion of the 40 years since the establishment of the Youth Club of Akrounta, our team of volunteers has decided to go a step further and integrate our community into the modern digital era by creating and implementing an innovative European project, entitled eAkrounta, which gets summarized in the present website, in which we have the pleasure of welcoming you.

The aim of the “eAkrounta” solidarity project was the documentation of our community’s history and culture, the digitalization of old photographs and historic archival material, the tracing and highlighting of the points of interest, and the promotion of our village to local as well as foreign visitors. Meanwhile, as part of the project, a short documentary was produced with memoirs from the community’s residents and scenes from various parts of our village. The eAkrounta project and the corresponding website constitute a gift from the Youth Club to our community to celebrate its 40-year contribution.

The managing committee and the volunteers of the Youth Club of Akrounta have perennially stood by the side of the community with the vision of the development and evolution of our village.

Managing Committee 2021-2023

President: Maria Christoforou
Vice President: Kleanthis Steliou
Secretary: Elena Papandreou
Treasurer: Irene Constantinou
Member: Charalambos Christoforou

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