Akrounta Reservoirs


Akrounta Reservoir

The Akrounta Reservoir, or “Fraktoui” (small dam) as called by the senior residents in the community, was constructed in 1947. It belongs to the category of small recharge dams, which get used to withhold water for the enrichment of the groundwater, and the irrigation of the area’s fields. The dam got constructed using concrete and boulders. The wetland around the reservoir consists of shrubby vegetation as well as taller trees. Within the reservoir, we can find frogs, crabs, and various species of birds, depending on the season. When it overflows, the water travels through a tributary to the water dam of Germasogeia.

Germasogeia Reservoir

The Germasogeia reservoir was constructed in 1968 and is part of the category of big dams. It got built with the purpose of retaining the flow of the Amathos river and gets used for irrigating the nearby areas. It is constructed on land which belongs to the communities of Akrounta, Foinikaria, and Germasogeia and gets sustained by three tributaries.