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The eAkrounta project was materialized in 2022 by the Youth Club of Akrounta team. Marking the occasion of the Youth Clubs’s 40-year establishment and as a continuation of its consistent contribution towards the community, the volunteers have decided to take a step forward and integrate the community into the modern digital era through the implementation of the eAkrounta project. The project got designed by the volunteers of the Akrounta Youth Club with the objective of creating a digital archive relating to the community history while simultaneously constituting a source of information for current affairs, actions, and events. All these get summarized within a webpage linked to QR codes in various parts of the village.

The eAkrounta project receives funding from the “European Solidarity Corps” and falls under “Digital Reformation”. The aim of the project is for the present website to constitute the community’s official website, which the youth have designed and materialized to offer both to their community as well as to the general public. With eAkrounta, the community is transitioning into the modern digital era.

During the implementation of the project, the team members researched Akrounta’s history, discussed with older residents and community agencies, collected and digitalized old photographs and other historical material, and traced the village’s places of interest with the purpose of recording and highlighting them. As a result, signs with QR codes were placed in selected points of interest, connecting visitors with the website for further information while also allowing them to view old photographs of the specific place and more. Finally, within the framework of the project, a short documentary is also under creation, which contains memoirs of the community’s residents and pictures that exhibit both the natural beauty of our village and the places with historical and cultural value.

eAkrounta Team

Maria Christophorou
Charalambos Christophorou
Irene Constantinou
Lysia Iona
Kleanthis Steliou

Team Guidance:

Demetra Papadopoulou

The following have also collaborated for the implementation of the project:

Elena Papandreou
Georgia Michael
Stavros Agathokleous
Iakovos Michael

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The project is materialized by the team
of Akrounta Youth Club

Kentro Neotitos Akrountas logo

The project is funded by the “European Solidarity Corps”

*Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them. [2021-2-CY02-ESC30-SOL-000038656]

With the support of:

Community Council of Akrounta

Cyprus Youth Clubs Organization (Greek acronym: KOKEN)


Youth Board of Cyprus



We would like to thank the following for granting the interviews:

Eleni Andreou
George Papadopoulos – Kypraios
Solon Alexandrou

We would like to thank the following for the granting of old photographs and historical material:

Community Council of Akrounta
Cultural Club of Akrounta
Panicos Louroujiatis
Eleni Andreou
George Papadopoulos – Kypraios
Solon Alexandrou
Theodosis Georgiou
Eleni Dionysiou
George Charalambous
Panicos Christoforou
Mode Charalambous
Iakovos Nicolaou

We would also like to thank the following for the granting of modern photographs:

Maria Christophorou
Demetra Papadopoulou
Elena Papandreou

Video recording – video montage of eAkrounta:

Marcos Andronikou
Giannis Kourtoglou

Content Translation:

Giannis Tattis
Louiza Dimosthenous

The video recording of the interviews was conducted by the team of eAkrounta.

Website design and implementation:

Maria A. Christoforou

Design of eAkrounta logo:

Georgia Michael

eakrounta logo