Akrounta Schools

Schools of Akrounta

In Akrounta, there used to be two primary schools, the old and the new. The schools were founded and operated during two distinct chronological periods.

Before the construction of the schools, the children used to attend the primary school of the neighbouring village, Foinikaria.

1st Primary School

The first primary school in the community was constructed in 1926 and began accepting students during the academic year 1926-1927. The school consisted of six class levels. During the early years of its operation, all students were using the same classroom. In the academic years during which high numbers of students enrolled at the school, the residents used the coffee shop (which was situated opposite the old primary school) as an extra teaching room. The school was operating until the academic year 1970-1971.

2nd Primary School

The second primary school began operating during the academic year of 1971-1972. It was constructed in the image of the Modern architecture movement, containing an elevated stage utilized for the presentation of theatrical plays by the students and an office for the teachers. The school operated until the academic year 1983-1984. From 1984 until the present day, the students of Akrounta attend the Regional Primary School of Germasogeia. After the building’s expansion and renovation, it is presently utilized as a Cultural Centre, as well as offices of the Community Council.